High-Asset Divorce

Diligent And Skilled Legal Advice In A High-Asset Divorce

Ending a marriage requires reaching agreements that will define the future of all the parties involved. Such agreements involve property and businesses acquired or developed during the marriage. Illinois is an equitable division state. This means that marital assets will be subject to fair division.

A family law attorney’s skilled and sound legal advice can help you understand your rights and what to expect from the process. At Kirsh & Anderson, Ltd., in greater Chicago, we know how situations may quickly escalate into disagreements and costly trials and our expertise can help you obtain a fair result and avoid the time and expense of such a trial. Moreover, our lawyers understand what is essential and strive to get the results you need to move forward after a high-asset divorce.

We Will Negotiate Or Represent You In Court

Our attorneys have practiced family law for decades, serving our clients’ most challenging legal issues. Our goal is to provide you with sophisticated and tailored legal solutions for your asset division. Either through negotiation, mediation or taking your case to trial, we will strive to get the results you need.

Individuals can negotiate and agree on the terms relevant to property division. On some occasions, divorcing spouses can ask for the intervention of a trained neutral third party, like a mediator, to reach agreements if the parties cannot negotiate a settlement, the case goes to trial where a judge decides on an equitable division of marital property.  While going to trial is not the preferred option, we are confident that our decades of litigation experience will effectively advocate for your interests.

Property division is decided by taking into account several considerations, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s contribution to the acquisition and increase in  value of the marital property
  • The ability of each spouse to acquire assets in the future
  • The spouses’ possibility of finding employment, their age and health
  • Post-divorce child custody and support arrangements

A high-asset divorce brings unique challenges due to the real estate, businesses and other sources of income involved. Our attorneys can help you navigate the process, provide you with a detailed analysis of the property subject to division and will help you protect your best interests.

Some of the elements we will take into account to outline a comprehensive legal strategy include:

  • If the couple had a prenuptial agreement outlining asset division
  • Whether there are assets acquired, accumulated or inherited before the marriage
  • Tax implications in asset division

We will also assist you in avoiding common pitfalls related to marital asset division. We know when to fight a battle or negotiate an agreement, and we can work to obtain the best possible result for you.

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