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During any divorce procedure, it is vital to gain clarity about the process in order to make sound decisions. We understand this and will always explain your options and potential outcomes in a divorce. When it comes to guaranteeing the financial welfare of your children, we will strive to provide you with all your options and fight for a fair result.

We are the attorneys of Kirsh & Anderson, Ltd.. We offer highly skilled and professional legal services to address the family law issues of our clients in greater Chicago. We know that the law may be confusing, but we will guide you and provide you with straightforward legal advice and assistance in child custody and child support issues.

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According to Illinois law, child support refers to children’s financial support from both parents, regardless of whether the parents are married. The purpose is to ensure children receive economic support to cover their health, food, clothing, education, shelter and other needs, including extracurricular activities and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

During divorce proceedings, both parents must disclose their net income information to calculate the proper amount of child support. After each parent submits a Financial Affidavit, the process of calculating child support begins.  While there is a formula for calculating child support, there are also variables that must be considered and our expertise will help obtain the best possible child support award or obligation for you.

Usually, a parent will provide financial support to their child until the age of 18 or graduates high school. Each child support case is unique and deserves close analysis based on specific information to determine how much child support a parent should pay or receive.

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