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Skilled Legal Guidance For Drafting A Parenting Plan

Throughout our decades of experience, we have assisted concerned parents like you in designing a parenting plan that meets their child’s best interests and needs. We provide practical and sensitive legal advice to our clients, considering their present and future needs as a new family.

Our goal as your legal representatives on parenting issues is to avoid unnecessary hardship by avoiding litigation and keeping your children out of the middle of their parents’ dispute.

Legal Counsel For A New Life

When it comes to drafting parenting plans, we will explain your options and what some of the most suitable courses of action could be according to your family’s needs. A parenting plan is a highly customizable legal instrument and will define your rights and responsibilities for your children after an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities Judgment is entered.

A parenting plan will include:

  • A residential schedule for the children
  • Agreements on vacation time and holidays
  • Who will make decisions for the children and the procedures for making those decisions
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • How the parents will be informed about all aspects of the child

Each parent is required to submit a parenting plan to the other parent.  While the proposed parenting plans will differ, they can form the basis of a negotiated settlement of parental responsibility issues.  When help you draft your parenting plan, we will consider your child’s welfare and preferences. We will assist you in developing a reasonable and flexible plan to move on to your next stage as a family.

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