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Highly Skilled Mediation Services In Family Law

Family law issues can be emotional and highly challenging. However, a divorce does not always need to be an affair that is public, costly and painful.

At Kirsh & Anderson, Ltd., we commit to obtaining beneficial results for our Illinois clients. In addition to being zealous litigators, our attorneys are also skilled mediators.

Through mediation, a couple can negotiate agreements beneficial for both parties. Unlike a trial, mediation is private and gives absolute power to the spouses to decide on important issues and reach agreements to be later approved by a judge.

How We Serve Your Mediation Needs

As mediators, our attorneys strive to facilitate a cooperative conversation between the spouses. Drawing from our decades of experience, we will provide options, potential solutions and scenarios based on the spouses’ decisions on each aspect of their marriage dissolution.

There are no issues that cannot be mediated.  From child custody and parenting time issues to valuation ad division of complex financial estates, mediation is a cost-effective, cooperative way to resolve your case.

Our lawyers will help you:

When we discuss the particulars of your situation, we will explain why mediation may be the best option or why your case may not be suitable for mediation. In mediation, the priority will be to reach a fair, comprehensive agreement that serves the best interests of the entire family.

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