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Tips to improve your chances of success in a custody battle

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Child Custody

Illinois parents who are going through custody hearings should know what to expect. Although you are no longer with your former spouse, this is the time to focus on your child. These are tips to improve your chances of success in your custody battle.

Keep your child’s best interests in mind

The best interests of the child is the biggest factor in any child custody hearing. You aren’t going to court to win; it’s so that you can continue maintaining a close relationship with your child. Focusing on your child’s best interests can show you in a good light to the judge as it is also the court’s main priority.

Be open to working together

Compromising is often necessary when you’re trying to get custody after a divorce or breakup. If you are open to working with your former spouse or partner to ensure that your child’s needs are met and that you both get to enjoy parenting time, it makes things easier for everyone. Even if your split was contentious, working together shows the court that you’re serious about getting custody.

Maintain regular contact with your child

If you’re the parent who moved out of the family home, staying in regular contact with your child is crucial. It affirms your position in their life and shows the judge that you’re serious about being the best parent possible. By contrast, if your contact with your child wavers, it could work against you.

Have space for your child

Even if you live in a tiny apartment, having space reserved for your child can help you appear positively to the judge. The court wants to see that you have a safe, clean environment that offers stability for your child.

When you focus on your child, you have a better chance of gaining custody. Do your homework and temper yourself before your court date.

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