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Can parallel parenting be a successful strategy?

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Parenting Plans

As a divorced parent in Illinois, you might have heard of the concept of parallel parenting. This is a unique approach to co-parenting where both parents lead separate and distinct lives with their children. Parallel parenting is a strategy for high conflict or animosity between the parents, making it difficult to have a traditional co-parenting relationship.

Concise plans

One of the key components of successful parallel parenting is having clear and concise parenting plans in place. These plans outline each parent’s responsibilities, decision-making authority, and schedules with the children. This helps to reduce confusion and misunderstandings and minimize contact between the parents.

Putting the child’s needs first

When using parallel parenting, put the needs of the children first. This means being flexible and willing to compromise when necessary. It also means avoiding negative communication with the other parent and avoiding involving the children in conflicts. Instead, communication between parents is limited and focused solely on practical matters related to the children.

Clear boundaries

Establish clear boundaries and stick to them. This means not discussing personal matters with the other parent and avoiding actions that the co-parent could construe as intrusive or controlling. Both parents should respect each other’s privacy and independence and focus on co-parenting positively and constructively.

Establishing a support system

In addition to these tips, finding support from therapy, support groups, or a trusted friend or family member can be helpful. Having a support system can help you to manage the stress and emotional challenges that can arise when using parallel parenting.

While parallel parenting can be a challenging approach, it can also be very effective for some families. By focusing on the needs of the children and establishing clear boundaries, both parents can provide a stable and nurturing environment for their children.

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