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Coping tips for single mothers after an Illinois divorce

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Parenting Plans

The first year after your divorce may present the greatest number of challenges. You will need to learn how to adjust to entirely different parenting strategies while also learning to navigate single life. To help reduce some of the difficulties single mothers face after a divorce, follow these tips:

Parenting plans

The best way to ensure that you, your former spouse and your children heal and move on from the divorce is with great parenting plans. A well-drafted parenting plan will include:

• Children’s residential schedule

• Vacation time and holiday schedules

• Instructions on decision-making for daily activities

• Dispute resolution

• Method of informing parents about the child’s life

Respect different parenting styles

Regardless of the type of parenting arrangement that you once shared with your ex, they may decide a different parenting style works better for them now. Your children will adjust and your ex has a right to their own set of household rules.

Value support systems

Support systems allow single parents to relieve their stress. A quality support system made up of other adults allows you to develop healthy boundaries between your adult needs and your children’s needs. This may improve your overall parenting skills and greatly improve your relationship with your children.

Develop new passions

Thanks to the parenting plans, your children will likely spend time with your ex-spouse. The time you spend without your children can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. Try to ward these negative emotions away by developing a new hobby.

Recognize the work needed

While obtaining a divorce may have solved some of your problems, working through your co-parenting plan will create new ones. The experience may seem impossible to navigate now, but the work you put into it will benefit you and your children.

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