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Co-parenting with narcissists

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Child Custody, Parenting Plans

Narcissists remain self-centered individuals whose behavior could ruin a marriage. A narcissist’s spouse may file for divorce in Illinois when the union becomes intolerable. However, ending the marriage might not curtail further deals with a troubled ex-partner when sharing custody of the children. Working out a co-parenting plan with a narcissist might be challenging, but the process could become workable.

Co-parenting and narcissists

One drawback to developing a co-parenting plan with a narcissist involves one party’s obstinate or argumentative behavior. Negotiating a co-parenting plan with someone who remains a contrarian or makes excessively unreasonable demands might result in frustration. Worse, one parent may give in to the other spouse after becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. Such behavior might play into the narcissist’s plan but could hurt the child.

Negotiating directly with a narcissist might prove impossible. So, one party could assign a legal representative to handle the duties. Any agreed-upon parenting plan would go to a judge for final approval. In all cases, the judge will settle disagreements by issuing a ruling that is in the child’s best interests.

Co-parenting concerns

Narcissists may have trouble letting go of past relationships and might seek to cause problems for an ex-spouse. The former spouse may wish to have few dealings with an ex after the court decides on child custody arrangements. However, the ex-spouse could engage in intrusive and confrontational behaviors, sometimes dragging the child into the mix.

If the situation becomes distressing, it might be advisable to seek a restraining order. Doing so may limit interactions with the narcissist. If the ex-spouse violates child custody terms or puts the young one safety at risk, returning to the legal system to address the custody issues may be unavoidable.

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