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Tips for regaining custody rights

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Child Custody

The state of Illinois uses the best interest of the child standard to determine if you should receive custody rights to your children. If necessary, you could be stripped of those rights if there is reason to believe that doing so is in line with that standard. Of course, there is a chance that you could be reinstated as your son or daughter’s primary caregiver.

Address the court’s concerns

The judge in your case will typically provide a detailed explanation as to why you lost child custody rights. For instance, you may have started using drugs or relapsed after a period of sobriety. In such a scenario, getting into rehab and taking other steps to show that the problem has been resolved can help you get back into the court’s good graces.

Be transparent

It may be a good idea to request a home visit to prove to the court that you can provide a safe environment for your children. You may also want to consider obtaining statements from your doctor stating that you are mentally and physically capable of raising your kids. Alternatively, you can obtain statements from your child’s doctor or teacher stating that your son or daughter thrives while in your care.

If you are seeking to regain custody of your kids, you must generally prove that you are serious about being a parent. This may be done by producing medical records, witness statements and other evidence establishing your ability and willingness to forge a strong bond with your child. It may also be easier to regain physical or legal custody rights by working in good faith to address any concerns that the court may have in a timely manner.

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