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Creating a parenting plan to support your kids after divorce

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Parenting Plans

One of the most important documents divorced parents in Illinois will need is a parenting plan. A parenting plan, which is unique to each family and their situation can the one of the most useful tools parents can depend on to support their kids after divorce.

The benefits of a parenting plan

A detailed parenting plan that anticipates the issues related to parenting can help guide parents through the upbringing of their children and prevent conflicts that might arise. While a parenting plan can be as simple as a straightforward parenting schedule, parents can make it as detailed as they need to so they can support their family even after the end of the marriage. Additionally, a parenting plan allows for flexibility, which will be needed as the children grow and the lives of all members of the family evolve. Depending on the nature of the parent’s relationship with each other, there is minimal court involvement needed for the parenting plan to both work and be modified as the family dynamics change.

Topics that can be addressed in a parenting plan

Besides establishing a clear parenting schedule that specifies when the children will be with each parent and when and how exchanges will take place, there are many other topics that parents can address in a parenting plan. These include:

  • How to divide and handle holidays, special events and vacation time
  • What rules and routines, including chores, bedtime hours and discipline, will be followed in both homes
  • How major decisions regarding education, health, religion and socializing will be made
  • What methods of communication parents will use regarding the children and what type of information will be shared

A parenting plan that both parents collaborate to create and to which both commit to following can provide stability and support to the children as they grow. It can also provide the family with peace of mind.

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