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Creative parenting time options for Illinois parents

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Parenting Plans

Creating a parenting time schedule that works for both parents can be one of the hardest parts of divorce in Illinois. While there are standard parenting time schedules that are more common, nothing is stopping your family from getting creative.

Standard alternating weekend schedule

Many parents opt for an alternating weekend schedule, where the kids switch between parents every other weekend. This is very popular as it allows both parents to get weekend time with the kids and can be helpful for a parent who needs to occasionally work weekends.

By default, the kids are still spending more time with one parent which can lead to tensions down the line. Many families might try to improve upon this plan by having one night every week in which the kids are with the other parent.

Other parenting time options

While you might want to stick with a standard alternating weekend schedule or some variation of it at first for simplicity, it’s not uncommon to tweak the schedule as time progresses.

For example, if both parents live relatively close to the children’s school district, you might do alternating weeks instead of alternating weekends. Or have children spend half of the week at one parent’s house, and the next half at the other’s.

Parents that have a good relationship with each other might also only have a parenting time schedule as a formality. In this case, the parents get to spend a more or less equal amount of time with their children while also allowing flexibility for the schedule to change as needed.

Choosing an appropriate parenting time option for you

It’s expected that the parents should be willing to make last-minute tweaks to the schedule or step in when one parent has to be away, such as during business trips or emergencies. Even then, having a parenting time schedule that works for both parties right off the bat can minimize trouble down the line.

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