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At Kirsh & Associates, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality representation for our clients in all types of family law cases. Whether your case is a divorce case, custody, post-decree, parentage or other family law case, our experienced attorneys will guide you from start to finish with both knowledge and sensitivity.

We understand that family law cases are multi-faceted matters. Whether your case involves contested custody and visitation issues, child support and maintenance, business valuation or other complex financial issues, our attorneys have the ability and experience to advise you and resolve your case, either by way of settlement or trial.

Our goal is to obtain the best possible result for our clients while recognizing that “the best possible result” is an extremely complicated concept. The most important consideration when children are involved is keeping their best interests of paramount concern. Other factors such as division of assets, support, attorney’s fees and amount of time necessary to finish the case, all come into play when attempting to determine the best possible result. Our attorneys will help you consider all of these factors while you make some of your most important decisions.

We believe that a fair settlement is the best possible result. Unfortunately, not all cases can be resolved through reasonable discussion. When necessary, our litigation experience effectively and aggressively protects our clients’ interests in the courtroom.

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We strive to make the legal process as painless as possible for our clients. We recognize that at the end of the case our clients need to move forward in their lives with their dignity and integrity intact. At Kirsh & Associates, we always act with that same dignity and integrity. We always adhere to the highest ethical standards. Just because we can ethically do something does not mean that we will do it.

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raditional family law litigation is not always the best vehicle to resolve family law disputes. In certain situations, mediation is a quicker and more cost-effective way to settle a case. Whether your case is right for mediation depends on a number of different factors that you should discuss either with an attorney or a mediator before deciding on whether mediation is appropriate for your situation.

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Matt Kirsh secured an excellent settlement for me though I was divorcing a partner at a big, downtown law firm. Matt is intelligent, sophisticated, tenacious and honorable. I could not have had a better advocate.

Shannon H.

My first choice of counsel had retired and referred me to Matt. He told me that he could not guarantee any legal outcomes, but he said that if I followed his advice, I would leave this experience with my dignity intact, and that is exactly what happened. I like to think of Matt as my Jiminy Cricket – a legal conscience to be my guide during challenging times. Matt’s team prepared timely, accurate, respectful, and well written court documents which reflect a depth of understanding accrued from integrity grown from many seasons of experience. After reading opposing counsel’s writings, I was really glad that I had hired Matt’s team. They are the “good guys.

Steven H.

Fair and Experienced! Divorce is a difficult and demanding experience. I am grateful that I had Matt Kirsh and Amy Anderson as my partners in the divorce process. From the beginning, Matt used his strong experience to guide the process for me and ensure a fair outcome. Matt not only provided sound legal advice and guidance, but he added a human dimension to the process. While able to forcefully and effectively represent my positions, he was also able to defuse issues and avoid unnecessary conflict. I developed a high level of trust in his advice both legal and otherwise. Matt and Amy have an experienced, practical, results-oriented approach, and I found them to both be great partners.

Brian M.


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