Traditional family law litigation is not always the best vehicle to resolve family law disputes. In certain situations, mediation is a quicker and more cost-effective way to settle a case. Whether your case is right for mediation depends on a number of different factors that you should discuss either with an attorney or a mediator before deciding on whether mediation is appropriate for your situation.


Matthew A. Kirsh is a certfied divorce mediator.  Matt received his training through Northwestern University in 2010.  He is frequently designated as mediator by other attorneys in Joint Parenting Agreements. Prior to becoming a certified mediator Matt’s experience as both an attorney for divorce litigants and his extensive experience as a court-appointed child representative in contested custody cases provided him with extensive mediation and provblem solving experience.  If you believe your family law case is capable of a mediated settlement, Matt’s experience and knowledge of Illinois law will make him an excellent choice to serve as your mediator.

Becky Kirsh is a certified divorce mediator.  Becky received a Masters Certificate in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from Creighton University and completed her divorce mediation training through Northwestern University in 2013.  She is trained in Family Systems and is an experienced educator and facilitator.  In addition Becky’s eight years as an elementary school district Board Member and Board President and give her a unique perspective on the issues faced by divorcing  families.

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